Chevrolet SS Production Coming to North America?

With exports heading to Australia?

Holden may be here to stay as a brand, but its Australian manufacturing operations will come to an end in 2017. For the past several days we’ve been hearing rumors ranging from the complete end of the Commodore to a new one being built in China, albeit with front-wheel-drive. Nothing is confirmed as of yet, but today there’s yet another rumor that can be added to this list: future Chevy SS production could come to North America.

Remember, the SS is a rebadged Commodore that’s currently assembled Down Under. With the fate of Holden sealed, will the SS be dropped in just a few years? GM isn’t saying anything yet, although Car & Driver is claiming that beginning in 2015, the SS and the Caprice PPV police car will be built in North America on the upcoming Zeta II rear-wheel-drive platform. GM is also aware that many Australians still love RWD vehicles, so it’s entirely possible that in the future the Commodore could be built in NA and exported back to Australia. That’s what you call ironic.

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