Chevrolet Teased The New Camaro In Detroit And Few Noticed

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Until now.

Chevrolet will be revealing five all-new models in 2015, one of which is the redesigned Camaro. When will that huge reveal happen? Either at New York in April or next November in LA. But just last week at Detroit during its official press conference where the announcement was made, Chevy featured a large, outlined image of those five models. Look closer and you'll see what's clearly the outline of the 2016 Camaro. The crew at CamaroNews managed to snap a photo of that image and cleaned it up a bit.

Low and behold, the silhouette of the new Camaro is there for everyone to see. Rendering artist Chazcron touched the image up even more and, well, you get the idea. It matches up perfectly with previous spy shots we've seen of the new Camaro caught testing.

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