Chevrolet Thinks "Bolt" Is Kind Of A Dumb Name But Won't Admit It

Not like "Volt" is a great name either.

It may look like a golf cart or the BMW i3 (take your pick), but General Motors is fully committed to getting the Chevrolet Bolt concept ready for production by October 2016. That’s just 20 months away. But there’s something of an issue that has yet to be decided: the name. According to GM president of North American, Alan Batey, “some people think it’s confusing.” He’s referring to the fact that Bolt sounds awfully like Volt. The Detroit Free Press is reporting that GM is still debating the EV’s final name; apparently "Bolt" has its issues.

It worked well enough for the concept, but if the names for Chevy’s two green car stars are too similar, then customers may end up getting confused. GM claims it isn’t concerned about that, but it should it be. There could be countless times when a customer says Bolt/Volt but really meant the other. What if a sales rep misunderstands a customer on the phone? That wouldn’t at all be embarrassing. Dealerships are also fully aware of this, but GM claims its "biggest consumer concern is range anxiety." That’s true, but at least make it clear which model will be the source of their anxiety. Joking aside, Batey also predicts the Bolt (or whatever its final name) will eventually replace the Spark EV.

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