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Chevrolet Wants Colorado ZR2 Owners To Go Desert Racing

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All thanks to a bunch of new factory racing components.

There's no question the Chevrolet Colorado ZR2 is one of the best trucks for off-roading you can buy right now. Straight out of the box it can go just about anywhere without any additional aftermarket accessories. In fact, Chevy doesn't even want owners to bother with those accessories by offering for 2019 the ZR2 Bison and now these desert race ready performance parts.

Developed by Chevrolet Performance in collaboration with Multimatic and Hall Racing, these 15 new factory race components have already been put through 10,000 miles of serious off-road testing. All of these components were originally developed for renowned off-road driver Chad Hall's racing truck, a modified Colorado ZR2, which has completed every race in the Best of Desert series and the pre-running Baja 1000.

Everything must have gone well because now they're for sale. "Off-road racing is a brutal test of a vehicle, and especially its suspension components," said Mark Dickens, executive director of Chevrolet Performance Variants, Parts and Accessories and Motorsports. "Over two years, Chad mercilessly pushed these ZR2 parts to the limit for the ultimate in development and validation. For the first time, you can buy the same Chevy Performance Parts that raced and won in the desert. All you need to add is the required safety equipment to build a pre-runner for scouting the Baja 1000 or a full-blown race truck capable of competing in the race itself."

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Some of the available parts include a 1.5-liter body lift, long-travel leaf springs, long-travel shocks, cross car beam system, front and rear jounce shock systems, and an anti-wrap link system. You can check out the complete list, along with pricing, here.

All of the parts can be purchased separately, but don't expect for them come cheap. For example, the front jounce system alone is listed for $1,231 and the rear travel shocks are a hefty $4,000. Want both front and rear travel shocks? You'll need to fork over $8,000. No one ever said desert racing with proven accessories would come cheap.