Chevrolet Will Use SEMA To Test Out New Trim Levels

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Chevy to showcase pair of new Blue Line models in Vegas next month.

Though SEMA is technically a trade event, there's no denying the real draws of the show are the insane modified cars on display. From Ken Block's Mustang-based Hoonicorn monster that debuted at the show a couple of years ago to a rather outrageous Hyundai Santa Fe for this year's rendition and everything else in between it seems, there's always something totally crazy to see. So, you can perhaps understand why we were a bit puzzled by Chevrolet's announcement that it'll be bringing a lightly modified Malibu and Cruze RS to SEMA 2016.

Officially dubbed the "Chevrolet Malibu Blue Line Concept" and the "Chevrolet Cruze RS Blue Line Concept", this pair of blue-on-white cars are essentially showcases of "production and concept accessories" that Chevrolet's design team has conjured up specifically for the SEMA show. Even more unusually, it appears all of those concept pieces were allocated to the Malibu, as Chevrolet hasn't stated whether it'll be offering them on customer cars - so, if you're a fan of the lowered ride height, the subtle aero package, the black trim inserts and the 18-inch alloys, you'll likely only be able to acquire said look for your Malibu by heading to an aftermarket specialist.

Things do improve a bit on the Cruze. Though you'll need to wait until mid-2017 for the concept car's optional air intake and exhaust system to be released to the public, the Blue Line's beefier brake package will be made available before the year's end. Plus, referring back to our comments on SEMA being a trade show, Chevrolet will be using these Blue Line concept cars to gauge reactions regarding which models are ripe for the Blue Line picking. So, though the Malibu and Cruze RS concepts won't be the most exciting cars at SEMA 2016, they'll probably have the biggest impact in the longer term.

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