Chevrolet's Electric Pickup Truck Takes Center Stage

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Can it help end the GM strike?

Round the clock negotiations are reportedly happening in an effort to end the nearly month-long GM factory workers strike. The automaker has reportedly lost billions of dollars in income and striking workers have been going without full paychecks. Both sides suffer. The deadlock needs to end somehow and according to a new report from ClickOnDetroit, one way it could is to keep the lights on at the Detroit-Hamtramck Assembly plant.

Previously, the facility was one of four unallocated plants set for either closure or sale but now it could help hold the key to ending the standoff. How so? As the future production site of Chevrolet's upcoming all-electric full-size pickup truck. The report claims GM is committing a total of $9 billion to plant investment, up from its original $7 billion proposal.

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A fairly sizable chunk of that will go towards Detroit-Hamtramck, which was previously home to the now discontinued Chevrolet Volt. We learned this past June of GM's plans for an all-electric full-size truck that will compete directly against the also upcoming Ford F-150 EV. FCA's Ram division is also reportedly planning an electrified truck, though chances are the Ford and Chevy offerings will arrive first.

It's important to note that none of these EV trucks will immediately replace the traditional internal combustion-engined trucks. Given that Tesla will soon launch its own EV truck and an expected surge in demand for EVs in general, Detroit's automakers simply can't afford to be left behind.

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Given the massive number of trucks the three automakers sell yearly, having battery-powered options will guarantee their market dominance. Tesla already disrupted the market once with the Model S sedan and Model X crossover. Detroit won't let that happen with its beloved trucks. In the meantime, GM and UAW (United Auto Workers) talks continue and GM's reported proposal to not only reopen Detroit-Hamtramck but to assign it what could be future hot-seller might help draw those negotiations to a conclusion.


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