All-Motor Chevy Bel Air Evel Knievel Tribute Pushes 1,096 HP Without A Turbo

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We can't wait to see if they jump this car over some school buses.

If you want a sedan from Chevy these days, there aren't really a lot of choices apart from the Malibu. Back in the day, however, the classic '55 Bel Air was one of the top choices and certainly one of the biggest cars America has produced.

While a few Bel Air units still exist today, this example from the AutotopiaLA is all suited up and inspired by one of the craziest daredevils of all time.

Restored and modified by Texas-based company Lakeside Customs, a 1955 Chevrolet Bel Air inspired by the legendary stuntman, Evel Knievel doesn't just look as wild as the man it was inspired by. It also packs a real wallop.

From its sleek lines to the carefully chosen color scheme, the design pays homage to the daredevil's iconic style. The exterior features a striking combination of red, white, and blue, reflecting Evel Knievel's patriotic fervor.

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There has to be enough power to back up all that style and the guys at Lakeside Customs didn't disappoint. Under the hood (propped up by an Evel Knievel Cane replica) lies a monstrous 712-cubic-inch Merlin block engine with Dart Big Chief heads and a Kinsler fuel injection system that makes an astonishing 1,096 hp - way more powerful than the Corvette-powered Bel Air that we saw last year. Even better, this is an all-motor engine that achieves the power rating without nitrous oxide or forced induction.

Every part of the resto-modded Chevy Bel Air was made to churn out that much power and remain driveable. It has an Art Morrison chassis, Kugel independent rear suspension, and Strange Engineering Ford nine-inch rear end, combined with a TCI Turbo 400 transmission.

AutotopiaLA/YouTube AutotopiaLA/YouTube AutotopiaLA/YouTube

It also has an interesting wheel setup with staggered 19 and 20-inch Budnik wheels with Hoosiers slick tires. The Chevy Bel Air has always been a good platform to tune and with the Ridetech Air Ride air suspension system in the rear to adjust ride height, this Evel Knievel setup becomes a serious modern hotrod.

Whether you're a fan of Evel Knievel, a car enthusiast, or simply someone who appreciates beauty and power, this '55 Bel Air from Lakeside Customs will leave you in awe. Who knows? Maybe it will become the next subject of an auction, just like the assortment of museum-quality American muscle cars that were sold last year.

AutotopiaLA/YouTube AutotopiaLA/YouTube AutotopiaLA/YouTube

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