Chevy Blazer EV Cop Car Will Fight Crime In Style And Silence

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And it's based on the hot SS trim.

The entire car industry is slowly switching over to electric power, which means that government vehicles will also have to start making the change in the near future. We've seen EVs take on the role of taxis, delivery vehicles, and in some cities, they're even starting to take on the role of cop cars. While some are still questioning the viability of EVs as police patrollers, others have praised electric cars in this role, and now Chevrolet is out to prove that its newly launched 2024 Blazer EV has what it takes to go on donut runs and chase down lawbreakers.


The recently launched Blazer EV will be available in 1LT, 2LT, RS, and high-performance SS trims, and now Chevy has announced that a Police Pursuit Vehicle (PPV) will also be offered. This comes after Ford already put its Mustang Mach-E into service in certain cities across the US. The new Blazer EV is based on GM's new Ultium Platform, and PPV models are based on the high-performance, 557-horsepower SS trim, which all but guarantees short pursuit times. According to Chevrolet, the Blazer EV PPV will have the largest Ultium battery in the lineup and will be available in rear-wheel drive or with a dual-motor all-wheel drive system. The Blazer EV PPV should have a range of close to 300 miles, and will be able to fast charge from a 190 kW DC public fast charger.

To help the Blazer EV cop car perform at its best, it is aided by a set of Brembo performance brakes and a police specific interior designed to accommodate emergency equipment and bad guys.

"The possibilities for the Blazer EV's commercial and law enforcement applications are almost endless," said Ed Peper, vice president of GM Fleet. "Along with zero-tailpipe-emissions performance, it reduces the number and frequency of certain maintenance requirements typically associated with fleet vehicles."

Fleet applications for the Blazer EV also include the medical, pharmaceutical, and rental industries, but all we know is that an SS Blazer with cop lights is going to be dystopian in the coolest way.

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