Chevy Bolt Owner Ignored Warnings And Nearly Burned Down Home

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Meanwhile, GM still doesn't have a fix ready.

General Motors warned Chevrolet Bolt EV and Bolt EUV owners late last month not to park their vehicles inside garages. Although the chances aren't great, a fire risk still remains as GM and LG Chem race against time to figure out what's causing the Bolt's battery to overheat and ignite. Many owners are understandably angry and concerned and most of them are abiding by GM's instruction until a solution is found and implemented.

And now one Bolt owner who either ignored the warning list or simply didn't read it nearly suffered a disaster. Via Facebook, Georgia's Cherokee County Fire Department responded to a call to a house fire where one of the garages was on fire.
Cherokee County Fire and Emergency Services/Facebook Cherokee County Fire and Emergency Services/Facebook

The homeowner said multiple fire alarms suddenly started going off and he sprang into action. It didn't take him long to see the flames were coming from his 2019 Bolt. The firefighters soon arrived and they managed to extract the EV hatchback from the garage before the fire could spread. Unfortunately, a Ram 1500 parked nearby suffered some smoke damage.

"Firefighters worked hard to keep the fire from spreading to the house that was next to the garage." Officials say the cause of the fire remains under investigation. Chances are, this is related to the battery module recall affecting 141,000 vehicles globally.

Cherokee County Fire and Emergency Services/Facebook Cherokee County Fire and Emergency Services/Facebook

The plan is to replace all of their modules at a cost of around $1.8 billion. What's unusual about this recall is that it was issued before a fix was found. Typically, it's the other way around. One possible cause is a manufacturing defect in the battery cell.

Until this is confirmed, GM has a list of things of what not to do aside from parking outside on the street. Some requests include returning the vehicle to a 90 percent state of charge limitation using Hilltop Reserve mode or Target Charge Level mode, charging after every use, and not letting the battery power level drop below 70 miles of a remaining charge.

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