Chevy Bolts Banned From Parking In Airports

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EV owners in Arkansas are being denied access to the main airport parking facilities.

As General Motors' massive recall for Chevrolet Bolt EV continues, an airport in Arkansas is taking an unusual safety precaution to protect the public from Bolt EVs that could unexpectedly catch on fire. If you try to park at the Northwest Arkansas National Airport in Highfill, Arkansas in a Chevrolet Bolt EV, you won't be allowed to enter the regular parking lots.

As discovered by The Drive, signs are posted at several of the airport's parking lots with the following message: "For customer safety: Due to the General Motors recall of Chevrolet Bolt EVs, owners must proceed to the main cashier booth for instructions as to where to park. Thank you for your compliance!"

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A spokesperson confirmed the signs have been up since October 3rd "after discussions about" the recent Bolt recalls. It may sound overcautious, but "we wanted to be proactive and protect cars who might park next to a recalled vehicle and also the parking deck," the spokesperson said. A spokesperson from General Motors added that they are not "aware of any fires that have occurred where customers followed this safety guidance, in parking decks or otherwise." If you own a Bolt EV affected by the recall, the official advice from General Motors is to leave a lot of space around other cars.

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GM also advises setting a charge limitation to 90 percent, charge cars more regularly, and avoid depleting the battery to below 70 miles of range. Due to the fire risk, Bolt EV owners are being warned by GM not to leave their Bolt EV charging indoors overnight and to park outside "immediately after charging."

Since the first Bolt EV fire was reported last August, GM has recalled every Bolt EV built between the 2019-2021 model years and will replace the lithium-ion modules in every model. Unsurprisingly, such an undertaking won't be cheap and has already cost GM $800 million in the last quarter.

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Source Credits: The Drive

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