Chevy Camaro Fans Will Love This Mustang Bashing

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It's all in good fun, right?

The Ford Mustang celebrated its 55th birthday last week, a huge milestone for any vehicle that's been in continuous production for that long. Think, for a moment, the nearly endless number of vehicles that have come and gone over the past five and a half decades. And yet, the Mustang is still with us and going strong. Its long-time arch rival, the Chevrolet Camaro, was revealed not long after the Mustang and it too has had an impressively long life (though it was absent from 2003 until 2010).

So on the occasion of the Mustang's birthday, Chevrolet took the opportunity to do two things: say a kind "Happy Birthday" and have a slight dig at its rival. The video below says it all in only 20 seconds. The rivalry between the two pony cars is fiercer than ever.

Of course each car has its own legion of fans and some would rather drive off a cliff than be caught driving the opposition. But there are still plenty of prospective buyers who simply can't decide which one to buy. Both have similar base prices and state-of-the-art rear-wheel-drive platforms, V8 options, and are ridiculous amounts of fun to drive. But the Mustang still continues to outsell the Camaro. Last year, for example, a total of 75,842 Mustangs were sold in America, compared to 50,963 Camaros. Clearly, that's a huge difference.


What's more, Ford engineered its sixth-generation Mustang from the get-go to be a global car, meaning right-hand drive is possible for where it's required. But some will still argue the Camaro's styling has a more exotic flavor inside and out. To each their own. So far this year, the Mustang has outsold the Camaro every single month and we don't see this trend changing anytime. But still, it's good knowing the pony car is alive and well. Oh, and let's not forget a certain dark horse: the Dodge Challenger.

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