Chevy Camaro Gives Students A Reason To Study

If there is one reason to get up early in the morning and have your homework ready, it's definitely this one. Chevrolet has decided to reward one very lucky Texas student the best prize during its annual car giveaway. The initial concept was part of a way Chevrolet decided to keep students more motivated. The students would earn raffle tickets based on their grade performance and attendance and the winner would receive a Camaro.

Kenzie Deaton walked away with the grand prize, but she will have to wait a few years before she can drive it since she is only 14. The Texas high school in Fort Worth holds annual contests as a way to increase scholastic performance in students. As for the 24 runners up, well, they were also nicely compensated. Each one received a Dell Streak 7 Touch Screen Tablet. Studying for that physics exam does not seem so bad after all

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