Chevy Camaro Stretch Limo can be yours for $30k

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Everyone loves to travel by limo, but is a stretched Camaro a cool way to get around town or something that should never have been allowed to happen?

Put aside your judgment about whether or not this American muscle car should be stretched into a limo for a second, and just consider that the '2011 Stealth Black Custom built Chevy Camaro Limousine' could be yours for a mere $30k. Currently selling on ebay, this could go down as the bargain of the century if it eventually sells for this price, although you have to consider its lousy-looking red & black interior, garish LED-backed wheels, and the transmission tunnel that travels the length of the car.

Of course beauty is in the eye of the beholder and there's absolutely no accounting for taste sometimes, so there's a chance a bidding war will see the price skyrocket before bidding comes to a close in a couple of days' time.

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