Chevy Camaro Z28 With Massive 88mm Turbos Is A 2,000+ Horsepower Beast At The Drag Strip

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Well, anywhere it goes, really.

The car you're looking at technically meets the requirements to be considered a street car, but let's all just accept that it isn't true and move on. The engine in this Z28 Camaro is a 509 (8.3 liters) V8 with a couple of huge 88-mm turbochargers blowing air into it. The owner says that, with the boost turned up, it will put out in excess of 2,000 horsepower. We're not quite sure how much it's putting out here, but it's certainly a lot.

As cool as the car is, we really would've liked to have seen some actual quarter-mile passes, these 1/8 mile passes are just a tease.

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