Chevy Camaro ZL1 Straight From The Dealership Runs 9 Second Quarter Mile

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Okay so maybe it has a bit of help, but this should give the Demon reason to worry.

With the Dodge Challenger SRT Demon having finally come out from behind its masquerade of teaser videos to remind Ford and Chevy who the real muscle car is, a few tuners have been doing their homework to ensure that Dodge knows well that it's not the only party that cares about being the fastest in a straight line. RPM Motorsports is one such tuner and its weapon of choice is this Camaro ZL1 that it has just received from the dealership and named it the "Frostbite" ZL1.

Slathered in white and capable of quarter mile times that would make Dominic Toretto happy, this is the ZL1 we'd pick to challenge the Demon when the time comes to answer FCA's rallying cry. It may not look like much from the exterior aside from the rear tires, which have been swapped for drag radials, but that's because this car is nearly stock.

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With only 66 miles on the odometer, this Camaro is not only operating at limits that it's not engineered for thanks to a bit of nitrous oxide flowing into the intake manifold, but it's doing so prior to attaining break-in mileage. The hardware the engine should be most worried about is the nitrous kit, which is put on what is otherwise a car so new that, as the description mentions, still has gas from the dealership inside. Being a true muscle car, that doesn't stop it from pulling off an incredible feat: running the quarter mile in 9.98 seconds, or just over three tenths more than it takes the Demon to men the run.

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