Chevy Caprice Steers as Wide as Your Ex-Girlfriend

It's even got 1950s skirted rear wheels.

In 1991, Chevrolet launched its fourth generation Caprice and like its predecessors it was a big sucker. With standard V8 power and based on a platform that dated back to 1977, the early 90s Caprice was for those who couldn’t or wouldn’t spend the extra cash for an equally large and slow Cadillac. These now 60 year-old-plus owners just wanted a big ass cruiser sedan. It didn’t have to be fast because it wasn’t, unless you opted for the 5.7-liter V8.

Even then it only produced 260 hp. This Caprice did spawn the wonderful Impala SS in 1994, but other than that it was nothing more than a huge hunk of metal for those who just had to have a big and relatively inexpensive American sedan. Want more details? We’ll let the guys at Regular Car Reviews take it from here.

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