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Chevy Celebrates 60 Years of Corvette Production

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After 60 years of continuous production, the Chevrolet Corvette remains America's sports car and a part of its culture.

Just a few days ago (June 30 to be exact), Chevrolet officially celebrated the 60th anniversary of the first Corvette going into production in Flint, Michigan. On June 30, 1953, the first Corvettes rolled off the assembly line and into history as an American icon. The original concept premiered at the 1953 GM Autorama in New York City. Due to such an enthusiastic response, Chevy signed of a limited production run of just 300 units for that year. All of those 1953 models were Polo White with a red interior and carried a price of $3,498.

In 2006, the third Corvette off the production line sold at auction for a record $1,060,000. The C1's original engine was an inline six-cylinder but in 1955 a V8 became optional. In 1956 the six-cylinder was dropped entirely. The car has certainly evolved over the years with many design milestones, such as the 1963 split-window Sting Ray coupe. Amazingly, the Corvette holds the record as the world's longest-running, continuously produced passenger car. And since 1953, approximately 1,560,000 Corvettes have been produced. So here's to another 60 wonderful years of the Corvette and many, many more.

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