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Chevy Celebrates America's Independence With Killer Colorado ZR2 Discount

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Care to join the party? You MUST act fast.

Although the current generation Chevrolet Colorado is clearly beginning to show its age, it remains competitive within its segment at attractive prices. There's also the hardcore off-road-focused ZR2, which currently has no direct competition from Ford. Still though, Colorado sales, in general, have dropped recently. For the second quarter of this year, sales decreased by 23 percent. This is not a trend that can continue and therefore something needs to be done. The fastest way to boost Colorado sales is to offer new incentives.

The ZR2, at least in this case, has been chosen. First noted by GM Authority, Chevrolet is knocking down the price of select 2019 Colorado ZR2s by a bit over $5,000. This discount was initially done in recognition of Independence Day last week. It's good only until tomorrow, July 8 so act fast. Here's a more precise breakdown:

2019 Colorado ZR2: $5,009 below MSRP for current GM owners. The loyalty cash is only for customers who own a 2005 or newer GM vehicle.

2019 Colorados, with the exception of the base model, are also subject to a $500 July 4 bonus cash + $1,000 customer cash + $750 purchase bonus cash for a grand total of $2,250 cash allowance.

But the Colorado ZR2 is the main attraction here and Chevy has provided a sample with the $5,009 discount with an MSRP of $43,995:

$2,640 purchase cash + $1,759 price reduction below MSRP. Total cash discount: $4,399, which reduces the final price to $38,986.

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As of this writing, there does not appear to be a planned extension for these offers. The Monday, July 8 (tomorrow) deadline still stands. It should also be noted the offer is not available with special financing, lease, or other offers, so bear that in mind. But the fact you can buy one of the best off-road pickup trucks on sale today for less than $40,000 is something very much worth considering. But time is of the essence.