Chevy Colorado Sales Prove Mid-Size Pickups Are Alive and Kicking


So yeah, Ford, looks like you messed up in not bringing back the Ranger.

Early last month, Chevrolet began taking orders for the 2015 Colorado mid-size pickup truck. There's also that never ending war going on between GM, Ford, and Chrysler (or Ram) for full-size truck supremacy. Ford has been winning for decades, but not so when it comes to the mid-size segment. The Ranger is officially dead in the US. The Dakota is also a goner. It's all GM's for the taking and nearly 30,000 Colorado pickups have been ordered by dealers since last month. That's about five times more than GM predicted.


Funnily enough, some industry watchers even criticized GM for sticking with the mid-size truck, believing that full-size trucks would dominate in the US. Heck, Toyota and Nissan haven't done any serious updates for some time to their mid-size offerings, the Tacoma and Frontier. That'll likely change in the near future. The Colorado and its twin, the GMC Canyon, are predicted to have a combined sales range of 73,000 to 91,400 units in the next year. "The dealers' enthusiasm for the Colorado is off the charts," stated Chevy's US chief. Looks like Ram and especially Ford made a gross miscalculation here.

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