Chevy Corvette Costs Supercar Money In Australia

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Blame the luxury car tax.

Chevrolet has always prided itself in ensuring the Corvette remained affordable. It's the everyman's high-performance sports car. While not cheap, the $60,000 base price is way less than the Porsche 911's $99,200 point of entry. But we're referring to American pricing here and it's not uncommon for certain makes and models, specifically sports cars, to cost more elsewhere.

Last December, we reported the latest Chevy Corvette Stingray 2LT coupe will carry a starting price of $144,990 AUD in Australia. Moving up to the 3LT coupe costs $160,500 and the convertible version for both tacks on an additional $15,000.


A quick conversion to USD reveals the cheapest Vette Down Under is a hefty $112,216, nearly twice the price compared to the US. It turns out those figures are incorrect.

Australia's WhichCar claims to have seen dealer documentation from General Motors Specialty Vehicles (GMSV) that reveals updated figures. The "drive-away" price for the 2LT coupe is an eyebrow-raising $187,990, $203,990 for the 2LT convertible, $204,900 for the 3LT coupe, and $220,490 for the 3LT convertible.

The "drive-away" pricing also includes the Luxury Car Tax which, in the case of the 2LT coupe, consists of over $23,000, or nearly $18k USD. The dealer notification states the above pricing does include the Z51 performance package and front lift but things like premium paint and other options remain extra.

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Buyers should also note these prices are subject to change for the 2023 model year. The first batch of C8s is due for the 2022 model year and they'll be extremely limited in number (an exact figure remains unknown). All of them will have predetermined options and very few color choices. The GMSV dealer document says it anticipates there'll be a more bespoke ordering process for 2023.

A GMSV spokesperson told the news outlet that it'll be up to each dealer "to determine the final drive-away price including dealer delivery fees." So much for the everyman Corvette pricing at the bottom of the world.

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