Chevy Cruze Attempting Drawbridge Jump Doesn't End Well


To say the least.

Comedian Ron White said it best: "You can't fix stupid. Stupid is forever." Well, he could have been describing these two guys from Texas. According to Louisiana NBC News affiliate KWQC, the pair attempted a Hollywood-style jump on an open drawbridge on Highway 384 south of Lake Charles. Their chosen chariot? A 2016 Chevrolet Cruze. And when we say "attempted" it means they didn't make it across. Both men were killed. They were later identified as Alejandro Cazares, 23, and Roberto Alejandro Moreno, 32.

The crash happened shortly after 2:30 a.m. last Friday when the dynamic duo happened upon the Black Bayou Bridge, which was drawn upward because a boat was passing through the waterway below.

A witness at the scene told authorities they saw the vehicle's passenger exit the bridge, push the drawbridge gate arm up, and then got back inside the vehicle. Then the driver put the vehicle in reverse and then hit the gas going forward toward the ramp. The goal? To jump the open gap in the bridge. Clearly they failed. The Chevy Cruze did go airborne before falling into the water and sinking to the bottom. Both men were pronounced dead at the scene.

Police are still waiting for toxicology samples from both men. "The driver was unable to exit the vehicle and the passenger was located outside of the submerged vehicle," Louisiana State Police said.


Unfortunately, we don't know how large the section of road they two attempted to jump over but evidently, it was too much for the Cruze to handle. In reality, no unmodified car could have made the jump. It's really not so much a question of having enough power or any other modifications, but rather simple physics. The gap's distance the velocity of the vehicle would need to have been correctly calculated beforehand and something tells us the two victims had no clue how to solve that equation. They'll now take their place in the annual Darwin Awards.


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