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Chevy Cruze to Start at $16,955

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Chevrolet will be introducing its all-new Cruze model this September to the North American market. Besides the Volt, the Cruze is considered to be the most important new model for GM in some time. Not only is it affordable for almost any budget, the Cruze can also achieve at least 35 miles per gallon on a non-hybrid engine - and that's only the base model. Chevrolet plans on having four different trim levels for the Cruze.

The base model comes with the 1.8 liter Ecotec engine with a manual transmission. Moving up the trim levels and you'll find the new 1.4 liter Ecotec turbo under the hood. For those green thinking buyers who can't afford the Volt, the Cruze will also be available with a special "Eco" trim, which has the 1.4 liter engine with the addition of more aerodynamic trim pieces to increase fuel mileage, which GM claims will come to 40 mpg. The Cruze is a major part of the New GM. Classified as a large sub-compact, it's smaller than the Malibu but larger than the Cobalt, which it's replacing.

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Targeting the Toyota Corolla, Honda Civic, and the upcoming new Ford Focus, the Cruze may finally be the compact car GM has been promising for years that can realistically compete against the foreign competition. Haven't we heard that line before referring to the Cobalt?