Chevy Dealer Wants $100,000 for 2014 Stingray

Judging by the current demand, he’s probably gonna get it too.

GM recently warned customers they could well face a six-month wait for a new Corvette Stingray. With strong demand and a supply that’s not going to be increased, some dealerships are experiencing shortages and are milking the opportunity to extort buyers that simply can’t wait. One particular California dealer thinks $25,000 is a fair markup for a car that’s priced at $75,760 (after over $20,000 of options had been added).

In fact, Courtesy Chevrolet in San Fran has marked up two Vettes by $25k asserting the reason for the premium is because the cars are “specially numbered.” Which we all know is total BS. At the end of the day, buyers may be getting ripped off, but no-one’s forcing them to buy the Stingray now. They could always just wait a few months and save the money.

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