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Chevy Dealers Debating Corvette Stingray Markups

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Perhaps it's best for buyers to wait until the hype levels out to avoid paying thousands of sticker.

The new 2014 Chevrolet Corvette Stingray is due to begin arriving in US showrooms in early October, and plenty of enthusiasts are eagerly waiting to get one. Thing is, Chevy dealerships are fully aware of the new Vette's hype. It's a highly desirable thing and the temptation to charge thousands of dollars above list price, something dealers are known to do for popular models in limited numbers, is highly likely. On the other hand, some dealers are questioning this habit because they don't want to piss off loyal customers.

But some dealers are reportedly ready to charge as much as $10,000 above sticker. This exact situation happened to one Corvette buyer who thought his local Chevy dealer would hook him up with a decent price quote because he bought a Volt from them two years ago. He stated afterwards: "Needless to say they lost me and my wife as customers." Unfortunately, this isn't a new phenomenon. Many will recall that Chrysler dealers did this very thing when the PT Cruiser launched in 2000. Dodge repeated this with the Challenger SRT8 in 2008. All told, just 12,000 Corvette Stingray will be built this year, but that number increases to 30,000 next year.

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