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Chevy Dealerships Have A Lot To Do Before Selling The C8 Corvette

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This is a very special car after all.

We are getting closer to the official reveal of the C8 Chevy Corvette on July 18th, which will be the first Corvette ever to feature a mid-engine layout. This is one of the biggest automotive reveals, one of the worst kept secrets in the auto industry, and will surely become one of the hottest Corvettes to ever go on sale. In expectation of high demand, Chevy has already hired more workers to help keep the production line at full tilt.

Dealerships will likely have customers asking about the C8 when it arrives, so we're sure there will be markups and waiting lists just to buy one. But before a dealership is even allowed to sell the C8, it will have to complete a few programs to make sure its sales staff is up to the task.

A member of Corvette forum posted the dealership requirements, which involve enrolling in two special programs before June 7. The first program is called 'Corvette Dealer' and involves sending one sales specialist to Spring Mountain at a cost of $3,500, completing required sales and service training, and purchasing specific service tools for an approximate cost of $1,500.

Once the first program is completed, a dealership can then begin program two to become a 'Signature Corvette Dealer.' This involves complying with the Corvette participation agreement and sending one service manager or advisor to Spring Mountain. This will allow the dealer to be showcased on Chevy.com as a Signature Corvette Dealer and sell Corvette merchandise on their website.

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The forum member also mentions additional opportunities to experience the new car. The C8 Mobile Tour will stop at dealerships around the country with the car before it goes on sale along with an expert to answer questions and assist customers in ordering the car. We're sure there will be some insane markups on the C8 when it first arrives but we urge our readers to wait until the hype dies down before buying one.