Chevy Debuted The New Camaro ZL1's 'Burnout Mode' At Goodwood And It Was Awesome

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Brits love American muscle but do they love burnouts too?

When people think of the Goodwood Festival of Speed, images of classic cars and modern supercars racing up a hill come to mind. Smoky burnouts from American muscle cars, not so much. Chevy decided to change that narrative at this year's event with the all-new Camaro ZL1. The automaker showed off the steroid-infused Camaro's new line lock feature. Ostensibly line lock helps warm up the rear tires before a run at the drag strip. But in reality it lets drivers perform awesome and effortless burnouts.

The video is short but sweet and shows the new ZL1 in all its tire-smoking glory. The announcers didn't seem too thrilled with Mark Reuss, GM's product chief who was behind the wheel, and neither did the crowd. Too bad.

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