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Chevy Details 2013 Copo Camaro

Chevrolet's factory-built limited-edition drag racer returns for 2013 with two new engine options.

Chevrolet’s factory Copo Camaro drag racer is set to return for 2013, and like last year’s model, production will be very limited. All told, just 69 units are to be built this year and the automaker has already begun the process of identifying potential customers. In other words, this isn't something you can just walk into a Chevy dealer and just buy. Competition as to who receives one will once again be fierce, as there were more than 3,000 willing buyers for last year’s model, also limited to 69 examples.

The most dramatic change for this year is the inclusion of two all-new engines as well as a new manual transmission in order to make the car eligible for a broader range of NHRA Stock Eliminator classes. The Powerglide automatic also returns as an option. Three naturally-aspirated, fuel-injected engines are on offer: a 350 cubic-inch V8 with 325 horsepower, a 396 cu in with 375 hp and a 427 rated at 425 hp. Other 2013 changes include a "heritage" grille, new exterior graphics choices with engine-size call-outs, updated interior packaging, racing harness and revised front springs for added performance. Production gets under way next month.

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