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Chevy Doesn't Want You to Build Your Own Camaro Z/28

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It's very simple, really: you'll have to buy one from a dealer.

Just 500 Chevrolet Camaro Z/28s will be sold this year. For 2015, expect to see some 2,500 examples built. Nevertheless, production output for the Camaro Z/28 is very limited, so much so that some people may be thinking it'll be possible to acquire the necessary parts on their own in order to convert another Camaro into a Z/28. Technically, it is possible. However, Chevrolet is making sure that's not going to happen.

The automaker has created a list of 35 OEM components that are now officially restricted. GM Authority was tipped off to the list by a dealer source, thus confirming the authenticity. So what's the exact reason why Chevy won't allow these parts to be sold? It wants to protect the value of the $75,000 Z/28. It's really that simple. Z/28 owners will particularly be thrilled with Chevy's decision because their investment will be protected. Some of the restricted parts include the wheels, axles, and front and rear brakes. Even the hood scoop, spoiler, grille, seats, and emblems (yes, the Flowtie) are all off limits. So it's time to completely forget the idea of building your own Z/28 knock off.

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