Chevy Finally Reveals The Blazer EV SS

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And it looks fantastic.

At the start of 2022, Chevrolet made big news by announcing its Equinox and Blazer SUV models would go all-electric in the next generation. Chevy has fully revealed the Equinox since then, even showing the futuristic interior, but the Blazer has been mostly kept under wraps aside from a brief teaser announcing an upcoming SS model. General Motors has finally decided to break its wall of silence, showing us what the new 2024 Chevrolet Blazer EV will look like. After seeing the attractive Equinox EV, we are not surprised to say the Blazer EV looks great.

The all-electric Blazer looks significantly different than the current gas-powered model, which was facelifted for the 2022 model year. Up front, a new LED connected headlight bar gives the Blazer a futuristic design with a light up Chevy Bowtie completing the signature.
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We can clearly spot a red SS badge up front, indicating this is the sportiest and likely range-topping version of the Blazer EV. As with the current model, this new Blazer will arrive sporting a bold red paint job with a two-tone black roof. Those wheels appear to be quite large, possibly around 22 inches. As we learned in the last teaser, the charge door is hidden behind the front driver side wheel well, which looks more seamless than many other EVs on the market today. Unfortunately, Chevy did not reveal any new details regarding the electric powertrain or show any images of the interior.

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We will have to wait to see more when Chevy fully reveals the 2024 Blazer EV on July 18. "Developed from the ground up, the Blazer EV offers a groundbreaking mix of style, performance, and technology. Stay tuned to learn more," the company said in a press release. GM CEO Mary Barra took to Twitter to say, "I can't wait until July 18, when we share the details with the world."

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