Chevy Is Reportedly Pushing Back The Corvette ZR1 Reveal To Summer

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We'll all have to wait just a bit longer for the new ZR1.

A lot of Corvette talk in 2017 will undoubtedly center on the rumored mid-engine C8, but don't forget about the C7 ZR1. That bad boy is still coming, with Car and Driver saying it will debut at the Continental Tire Road Race Showcase IMSA in August. This news came from an anonymous source during Detroit, a person who may or may not have been the same one who told the outlet that Chevy would debut its new 'Vette shortly after the show. Take this new development with a grain of salt.

Other than the updated debut date Car and Driver's source didn't reveal any new info on the ZR1. Power is still expected to beat the Z06's 650 ponies, with the new range-topper potentially making 750 horsepower. Despite being more powerful than the Z06 the ZR1 will feature the same engine, a supercharged 6.2-liter V8, the LT4. There have been reports that the final member of the C7 Corvette family could pack the rumored LT5 engine, said to be a twin-turbo V8. If this engine debuts it will most likely be in the C8 Corvette, though. Despite its debut being pushed back the ZR1 seems to be on track, with every new batch of spy shots that roll in showing the car in less and less camo. August, or whenever Chevy decides to debut the ZR1, can't come soon enough.

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