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Chevy is Shipping More Corvettes in 2014

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Looking to buy a new Vette? You're in luck this coming year.

The moment it was unveiled, the all-new Chevrolet Corvette Stingray was a hot ticket item. Only about 900 select Chevy dealers, those who sold a high number of C6 Vettes and Camaros, were allocated the precious few for 2013. Basically, dealers had to be invited to order the Corvette Stingray. Now that production has been cranking up, Chevrolet is now opening the Corvette order books for the rest of its remaining 2,100 dealers for 2014.

Funnily enough, not all of those dealers are expected to place an order. The reason is that dealers must "agree to specific criteria that includes sales and training requirements," according to a GM source. This includes sending their sales staff to a day-and-a-half training session in Nevada, which costs dealers $2,000 per person, excluding travel. Some dealers simply are not in markets where Corvettes sell in large numbers, thereby not making the sales and training worth the investment. Regardless, if you're looking for a new Corvette Stingray this coming year, it'll certainly be easier than last to find one.

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