Chevrolet Makes Spark Look Like It Will Go 0-100 MPH Real Quick

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Okay, it may not go faster but it'll at least look faster!

Chevrolet just announced it will be making some serious changes to a model that was previously regarded by most gearheads as a joke. To be fair, the standard version of the car will still be a slouch. After all, the Spark's infrastructure was never designed or intended for high-performance driving. Realistically, 1.4-liter engines usually aren't going to get you really moving unless they're in something incredibly light.

But the Spark RS is about to change all of that, at least for potential buyers of the high-performance model. For the "Red Line Series," which will debut at SEMA, we'll see the Spark with a lower suspension, a redesigned interior, a new body kit, larger wheels, as well as some things that probably won't make it through to production. These more costly additions include dashes of carbon fiber around its fog lights, bumper, front splitter, and a few other places. With changes like this, we can still be hopeful about powertrain upgrades, a factor that Chevy has yet to discuss.

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