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Chevy Made The Camaro Impervious To Race Track Damage

Blown differentials and broken transmissions are no more.

Most automakers, even those that make track cars, explicitly state that their factory warranties are void as soon as your car makes it onto the tarmac at a new racetrack. They do this because track work involves putting each component under extreme stress far beyond what normal driving conditions would call for. This means that, eventually, something is bound to break. Some people find out the hard way after buying used cars that were beat around the track by certain famous automotive journalists.

Thankfully, Chevy owners need not worry about having to foot a stiff bill if their cars break down at the track anymore. GM has recently revealed that the sixth generation Camaro will now keep its warranty intact even if something goes wrong at the race track. Of course, this only applies to Camaros that roll out of the factory and remain bone stock up until their fateful breakdowns. This eliminates a lot of headaches for Chevy given how easy it is to kill your car by modifying the engine to murder Hellcats at the drag strip. Camaro Chief Engineer Al Oppenheiser told Autoblog that the company is doing this because they are very confident in the quality of their cars and how they will hold up to track demands.

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