Chevy Might Have Begun Designing C9 Corvette

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This image comes directly from GM Design.

The C7 Chevy Corvette had a relatively short lifespan compared to its predecessors. Sold for just five years, 2014 through 2019, the C7 wasn't around nearly as long as the C6 (2005-2013) and C5 (1997-2004). Even the original C1 was sold for much longer, beginning in 1953 until 1962. With this all in mind, could the C8's production cycle last for no more than half a decade? If so, chances are Chevy designers could already be at work laying out some initial ideas for the C9.

This sketch just posted on Instagram by General Motors Design might be the earliest idea of what the C9 could look like. Alternatively, this "dramatic design sketch" could be an early draft of the C8, though the final design was seriously toned down.

GM Design/Instagram
GM Design/Instagram

But we wouldn't rule out early C9 thinking just yet. Chevy will not return to the front-engine design and this sketch is clearly mid-engine. The side air vents look similar to what's on today's Vette with their "boomerang" shape, though they're more radical-looking. Also notice there's a built-in rear spoiler and the front fenders are quite a bit more dramatic than the C8's. And this all leads to another question: Will the C9 be all-electric? What's for certain is that a hybrid C8 is due to arrive within the next couple of years.

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GM Design/Instagram
GM Design/Instagram

The C8 program will reportedly culminate with the Zora, a 1,000 horsepower Vette with all-wheel drive and electric motors at the front or possibly all four wheels. A still to be revealed turbo V8 will likely be the main power source. General Motors' recently pledged to pursue an electrified future and if the GMC Hummer EV can be a part of that, there's no reason the Corvette can't.

If this sketch is indeed an early C9 concept then we could also be looking at the first-ever all-electric Corvette. Chevy already broke the decades-long front-engine design tradition. Ditching the combustion engine could be the next progressive step.

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