Chevy Offering Driving School Discounts to Corvette Buyers


It's best to learn how to properly drive your new Stingray as opposed to wrapping it around a tree.

For anyone who's in the market for a high-performance sports car such as the new Chevrolet Corvette Stingray, it'd be a good thing to know how to drive it properly. After all, with 455 horsepower on tap it's not all that difficult to lose control while attempting to do something you're not properly trained for. Chevy is clearly aware of this problem and it really doesn't want to see its customers get killed or injured while enjoying their new Vettes.

To prevent that, the automaker will be offering some significant discounts for Corvette Stingray buyers to the Nevada-based Ron Fellows Performance Driving School. A reduction in fees by at least $1,500 is definitely an attractive offer, perhaps one most won't be able to refuse. The normal rate for the top Level 1 program, which consists of three days of training, costs $3,895. With the discount, it'll cost $2,150. Owners can also take part in a two-day program, costing just $1,000 out of pocket (normally $2,500). Chevy will offer the discounts for one year after purchasing the car, and it only applies to the original owner. Overall, it's a pretty safe deal.

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