Chevy Planning a New El Camino?


The Pontiac G8's premature death also ruined any chance a two-door Ute body style would also be offered, but things are different now with Chevy reportedly refiling the "El Camino" trademark.

We've been teased about this rumor before only to be left extremely disappointed. Back when Pontiac still existed, GM was considering offering the Ute variant of the Holden Commodore-based G8 for the US. The Commodore Ute remains available in Australia, but when Pontiac and its G8 died, US hopes for its arrival were apparently doomed. That is, until now. According to a report coming from GM Authority, Chevrolet has just renewed the trademark for the El Camino nameplate.

What's more is that the automaker also recently filed for the "Nomad" name as well, heightening speculation that Chevy's upcoming SS sedan will be further be offered as a Ute and a wagon at some point down the road. A Holden spokesman claims the Australian division hasn't made any decision to export the Ute just yet, but did point out that there's a free trade agreement in place between the US and Australia, which would certainly make such an arrangement much easier. Again, nothing is 100 percent just yet, but it doesn't take a rocket scientist to see where Chevy is heading with its upcoming V8-powered rear-wheel-drive platform.

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