Chevy Reveals Four Concepts in Sao Paulo

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Does GM have anything worthwhile for South America?

Carnival may have come early this year for Chevy's South American operations, as the company chose the Sao Paulo Motor Show to unveil not one, but four new concepts. It started off with the S10 High Country concept, a local version of the Colorado, now equipped with extra chrome, 18-inch alloy wheels, upgraded interior and aerodynamics, and a special Red Chili paint job. Next is the Onix Track Day concept, taking the company's econobox to a new level with the hopes of attracting enthusiast attention.

The Track Day receives an aerodynamic body kit with rear spoilers and side skirts, designed to match its upgraded performance – with power now rated at an underwhelming 150 horsepower. Taking it in another direction, the Onix Effect concept features an upgraded interior, adding some luxury to the 106-hp hatch. Finally, an updated Cobalt has been presented, featuring new wheels and a unique interior.

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