Chevy's Hydrogen-Powered Colorado Will Be The World's Most Patriotic Pickup

It's powered by hydrogen fuel cells in the name of freedom.

Toyota is going all-in on hydrogen as the fuel of the future. Not many other car companies have taken that stance, least of all GM. That's why we were a bit surprised to learn that the automaker is partnering with the US military to test out a hydrogen-powered Chevrolet Colorado. The truck will run on a commercial system, as in it won’t be specially built for the military. That being said it will spend 12 months in full military use, meaning it’ll be beaten up and down on all types of terrain.

According to GM, hydrogen fuel cell propulsion allows for very high low-end torque capability useful in off-road environments. Hydrogen cars are also quiet, which is a nice feature for troops in the field. Cars powered by hydrogen produce water as a by-product, another nice feature for troops out in the middle of nowhere. The US military takes an interest in all sorts of advanced technologies so it opting for a hydrogen truck isn’t exactly shocking. What is awesome is that the truck is American. Maybe GM will get into the hydrogen game should this yearlong trial be a success. No image of the truck has been released, but Chevy did bless us with a tiny and not very helpful rendering.

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