Chevy Silverado Finally Getting GMC Sierra's Coolest New Feature

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But there's still one last obstacle to overcome.

Just over a year ago, the GMC Sierra introduced a new feature that brought delight to truck lovers everywhere. The innovative six-function MultiPro tailgate doesn't work like the standard truck tailgate due to its flexibility and functional features such as a standing workstation, enhanced second-tier loading and load-stop solutions, a step entry mode, and easier overall box access. No doubt it's a great tool to have, but Chevy Silverado customers were left out. MultiPro was a GMC-only affair, until now that is.

GM-Trucks has confirmed a previous rumor we heard that the MultiPro tailgate will be coming to the Silverado in mid-2021, only that it won't be called MultiPro. Instead, Chevy is expected to brand it as MultiFlex. What's more, the report indicates some design changes could happen in order to allow the Silverado to offer something a bit unique to customers.

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Supposedly, there's been some criticism among GMC owners about the tailgate not being as user-friendly as it should be in some configurations, specifically when connecting the truck to a trailer. But again, it's only a rumor at this point if any design updates are happening. It would make some sense to do so because MultiPro has been on the market long enough to generate customer feedback.

Introducing it as a new Silverado feature would be the perfect opportunity to make the design even better. It's also fair to assume MultiFlex will be offered on both the Silverado 1500 Silverado HD models, and it may even come standard on higher trim levels, like High Country.

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Currently, MultiPro is not available on the base Sierra but comes standard on the SLT, AT4, and Denali trims. The cheapest of those three, SLT, begins at $44,300. It's also worth bearing in mind the MultiFlex tailgate's launch could possibly be delayed somewhat due to COVID-19-related circumstances.

But again, we're still waiting for an official announcement from Chevy about the MultiFlex's existence in the first place. Hopefully, that confirmation and other relevant information isn't too far away.

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