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Chevy Spills The Beans On Its 2015 SEMA Stars Ahead Of The Show

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This is how you make a Camaro more sinister.

Chevy was too excited to wait for the 2015 SEMA Show to keep its newest goody bag of cars a secret and has released information on the new "Red Line" cars in advance. The Chevy Trax, Malibu, Camaro, Colorado, Silverado 1500, and Spark RS will all be getting the Red Line treatment, which includes an enhanced silver metallic paint job, a charcoal painted roof panel, and satin graphite and red accents. The Red Line Trax, Malibu, and Camaro get suspension lowering kits while the Silverado and Colorado get floor liners and tow hooks.

Gearheads will no doubt be most excited about the Camaro with the Red Line package. The muscle car will come enhanced with performance upgrades including an air intake package, a brake package, and the suspension lowering kit. Aesthetic upgrades include darkened tail lamps, blacked out Chevy bowties, black and red Camaro badges, red grill inserts, and huge 20-inch wheels painted in graphite and red. The red and graphite color scheme give the cars a sinister look that can be likened to the red eyes and graphite bodies of decepticons. Watch out because Chevy may be trying to tell us that its next-gen models will be decepticons rather than the good-guy autobots.

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