Chevy Starts Work on New Captiva

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Spy shots of a chopped up Orlando reveals Chevy is working on the next-generation Captiva/Opel Antara.

While these spy shots seem to show nothing more than a chopped up Chevy Orlando, looks can be deceiving. What we have here, in fact, is the new platform of the next-gen Captiva, better known in Europe as the Opel Antara, being tested within the minivan. Said to be based on a new platform called D2XX, the new compact crossover is being readied for a 2015 release. The same D2XX platform will also underpin the new Chevrolet Cruze, which is due out in 2014.

Giveaways that the test mule is hiding the next Captiva, include a a 4X4 system (the Orlando is not available with 4X4) and twin exhaust pipes. The wheelbase is also slightly shorter then on the Orlando and the front end has been chopped up to make room for the new engine and cooling ducts. From a styling perspective, while the new Captiva will have nothing in common with the Orlando it may take design cues from the Opel Mokka.

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