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Chevy Tahoe Transformed Into Performance Animal

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With a little help from Hennessey.

Families. They not only cost money, but also take up space. For some gearheads, that immediately means two-door sports cars are out of the question. The backseats in the Porsche 911 and Subaru BRZ are uncomfortable even for medium to large dogs. Stuffing a kid or two back there is not the best choice. Fortunately today, there are alternatives to typical sports cars. In fact, they're called SUVs. Ever heard of them? A proper body-on-frame SUV, such as the Chevy Tahoe, can not only go anywhere thanks to its standard RWD and optional 4WD capability, but there's lots of power on tap. And yes, there's plenty of space for an entire family, plus the dog, to fit inside.

But why should SUV owners have to settle for factory power? The fact is they don't have to. This guy took his Chevy Tahoe to Hennessey Performance for what turned out to be a simple three-week upgrade process.

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The result was 500 hp thanks to the HPE500 upgrade kit. The day he came to pick up his modified Tahoe, he mentioned that the tires were old and required replacements. This presented an opportunity. Let those tires go out in heavy doses of smoke. The included video features a Hennessey employee at the wheel with the owner riding shotgun as the pair enjoy doing some donuts. Let those tires go out in a blaze of glory. All told, there's 508 hp at 5,250 rpm coming from a newly supercharged 5.3-liter V8. Other modifications included a high flow intercooling system, HPE engine management calibration, and the typical Hennessey badging.

Honestly, it's an attractive package that offers speed demons, donut lovers, and family guys everything they require. Sure, there are some performance-focused sedans out there these days, such as the Kia Stinger GT, BMW M3 and M5, and Audis and Mercedes-AMGs, but none of those can tackle off-roading like the Tahoe can. A supercharged V8 SUV could just be one of the most ideal vehicles one can buy.