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Chevy Teases its Next Russian Niva SUV


Could this be the Lada that finally learns how to be cool?

The Lada Niva, a compact SUV built by the notoriously-terrible Russian automaker, has been in production since 1977 and never did much to catch our attention before. Since 1998, General Motors' joint venture, AvtoVAZ, has been building its own version of the Niva, rebadged as a Chevrolet and sold in various markets nowhere around here. But now, Chevy has released a couple of teaser images for a new concept also called Niva, and they seem to have a promise of some cool elements imbued in them.

The concept is expected to be revealed at this month's Moscow Motor Show. Details regarding the concept car, its likelihood of being produced, and its ability to be exported outside of the Bloc are still iffy. But judging by the teaser images, it should offer some off-road ruggedness, at least in the form of accessories like auxiliary lighting, an air snorkel, light guards and underbody protection. Will US buyers be begging to see this on our shores?

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