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Chevy Thinks Chrome Wheels Are For Old People

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At least for the new C8 Corvette.

One of the reasons why GM made the decision to change the Chevrolet Corvette from a front to a mid-engine layout was because of the need to expand appeal to a younger generation. This design offers many performance and handling improvements but Chevy did not want to see its iconic sports car disappear into oblivion due to a lack of sales. Based on C7 sales and consumer data, two things became immediately obvious: declining sales numbers and an older buying crowd. Both had to change. The 2020 Chevrolet Corvette is already proving to be a success because it's already nearly sold out for the upcoming model year.

So far so good, and Car and Driver has learned why a certain once-popular feature will no longer be offered. Chrome wheels were reportedly "specifically banned" from the C8 Corvette's options list likely because they're mostly linked to old people.

Corvette chief engineer Tadge Juechter confirmed there will be "no chrome available" and the shiniest rim option will instead be a "polished" design. No one from Chevy will directly state why but we all know the reason: the C8 is aimed at younger buyers because they matter most. Aging Baby Boomers who grew up loving the Corvette are no longer a priority. That's not to say Chevy will completely ignore them, but the Corvette's long-term survival is what matters most. In all honesty, we think chrome wheels on the C8 would look pretty bad, if not outright cheesy.

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The new Vette's mid-engine design has a much more exotic tone and shiny chrome would be out of place. With chrome wheels, a manual transmission option, and a V8 located in front of the driver all part of Corvette past is there anything specific left that older buyers will still find familiar? Yes. The C8 can still accommodate a couple of golf bags.