Chevy to Offer Camaro Rolling Chassis

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Can't afford the $400k COPO Camaro? Chevy now has a much cheaper drag racing Camaro for just $55k.

First came the Chevrolet COPO Camaro followed by the Ford Mustang Cobra Jet, the latter unveiled only a few days ago. Now Chevy is pulling the old one-two punch as it has unveiled a new rolling chassis version of the Camaro specifically for drag racing. How does it differ from the COPO Camaro? By pure simplicity. The Camaro rolling chassis comes with a body, a roll cage and other safety equipment as well as a racing chassis and suspension components like brakes and a solid rear axle – minus the third member.

Racing wheels mounted on Hoosier drag tires are also standard. There's only one body color - white - and all units come with a production Camaro hood and SS grille, head and tail lamps. The interior also comes equipped with a typical Camaro instrument panel, steering wheel and door panels. What owners will need to add themselves is an engine, transmission, wiring harness, driveshaft and a few other essential components. Prices start at just $55,000 – a significant bargain when compared to the $400k COPO Camaro. Each chassis is also specially numbered and hand-assembled at the same facility that builds the COPO Camaro. Sales begin this month.

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