Chevy to Replace Holden Down Under?

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It's not happening...for now at least.

The news regarding the end of Holden building and engineering cars in Australia is a sad thing, and the future of the beloved brand is now in question. Despite some earlier rumors that the Chevrolet brand could replace Holden entirely, Holden's chairman and managing director Mike Devereux has made something very clear: the brand name is here to stay. "One thing people need to understand is Holden is not leaving Australia – Holden is committed to the auto industry in this country," Devereux stated.

So what exactly will the future Holden be like? It'll basically be an import brand and its cars will be built in South Korea, Thailand and the US. Fortunately, nothing has been confirmed just yet regarding the future of the rear-wheel-drive Commodore sedan. Although it won't be manufactured in Australia, there are rumors that it may yet live on and be built in China. For now, nothing has been announced but GM has made it clear that the Holden name will continue to live despite the fact it'll be really nothing more than rebadged Chevys.

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