Chevy to Reveal Volt-Based Crossover

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Car and Driver is reporting that Chevrolet is planning a unique concept for next month's Detroit Auto Show. Based on the extended-range Volt drivetrain, the automaker is going to reveal an all-new crossover. As promised, GM is expanding this architecture to other segments, with the first being a crossover. Potentially to be called the Amp, this five-seat crossover would use the same basic architecture, engine, motor and batteries from the Volt.

More importantly for GM, a production Amp would allow them to expand the Volt's development costs to more than one model. And due to the excellent investigative reporting from the guys at Car and Driver, it looks like GM has also been busy registering domain names associated with the Amp moniker. In other words, it appears like this could be the official name. As far as how the so-called Amp's exterior design, we should probably look no further than the Volt MPV5 Concept that was displayed at the 2010 Beijing Motor Show.

Taking one look at it, it's quite obvious that it shares its overall architecture with the Volt, even sharing very similar wheels. Stay tuned for more details next month from Detroit.

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