Chevy Unveils Camaro NASCAR Racer

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Chevrolet stock car gets Camaro clothes for the 2013 NASCAR Nationwide Series.

NASCAR is a key battleground for General Motors, which is keen not to be outdone by Ford - or worse, by Toyota - and so, after the Blue Oval rolled out its new Mustang stock car for the 2013 Nationwide Series, Chevrolet has followed suit with the new Camaro racer you see here. In accordance with the latest rules from the American racing series' governing body, the stock car looks more like the Camaro you can buy at your local dealership than the Impala racer it replaces or the Monte Carlo that came before.

"Our team of Chevrolet designers and aerodynamic engineers did a fantastic job capturing the great looks and styling cues of the production Camaro," said Pat Suhy, manager of the Chevrolet Racing Oval Track Group, "while providing our NASCAR Nationwide teams with a highly competitive aero platform." Chevrolet hopes its new 2013 Camaro will continue the company's success in the Nationwide Series. The Bow Tie brand already leads the competition in wins, manufacturer standings, and in the driver point standings. Now you can add style points to that list as well.

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