Chevy Used A Grizzly Bear To Show Just How Weak The New F-150 Really Is

Chevrolet really has this whole trolling thing down.

The new F-150 was controversial before it even hit the road because of one thing: aluminum. The lightweight metal was chosen over steel, causing quite a stir among truckers. Hell, Edmunds even took a sledgehammer to it! Chevrolet still makes the Silverado out of steel and to show its superiority it took "real people" and put them in a room with two cages: one made of steel and another made of aluminum. A "bear" was then released and the “real people" given a choice of where to cower in fear.

Yeah, it all sounds like a bit of a stretch but the commercial is still fun to watch. We’d be interested in knowing what parts were fake and what was actually real. Please, please let the bear in the back of the Silverado be real.

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