Chevy Used as Weapon in Milwaukee Bar Fight

A drunken dispute escalates when one party gets behind the wheel of her Chevy Malibu and uses it as a weapon.

It's not uncommon to see tempers flare and fists fly from time to time outside a bar in the middle of the night. However the fight started, these things usually tend to die down fairly quickly, without broken glass and other objects being used as deadly weapons. But in the case of this dispute, a metal bar and a Chevy Malibu Maxx were the weapons of choice. This footage from Milwaukee, Wisconsin, was recently taken from the window of an apartment in the city's East Side bar district.

In the middle of the night, an argument broke out between a few women, and instead of using fists, one gets in her Malibu Maxx and attempts to run down the other. She ultimately fails, but not before taking out a parking meter and hitting another parked car. The whole thing ends when the cops come and the crazy driver speeds away.

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